Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Is...

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice - I'm using the artwork of Keith Garvey which you can purchase here
Font of choice - I'm using MaSexy
Mask of Choice – I’m using WSL Mask 84 here
Template 23 by AquaRebel which you can download here
Scrap kit of choice, I am using "Oh So Red…E" a PTU kit by Monica’s Sweet Addiction and you can download it from her blog here where you can view more of her gorgeous work as well. Thank you so much for this awesome kit, Monica! Love it, girl!
DSB Flux - Bright Noise
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation
Eyecandy 5 Texture - Marble
This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP.
~♥~ Let’s get started ~♥~
Open up the template. Duplicate and close out the original. Delete the credit layer and then resize the canvas to 600 x 600. Flood fill the bottom layer to make the canvas completely white again.
Highlight the bottom white layer. Add new layer, select all. Copy paper 18 and paste into selection. Deselect. Apply the mask. Merge group.
Highlight Raster 7. Select all/Float/Defloat. Open Paper 4/image flip. Copy and paste into selection. Deselect.
Highlight Raster 5. Select all/Float/Defloat. Copy paper 7 and paste into selection. Deselect. Highlight Copy of Raster 5 and repeat.
Highlight Raster 1. Effects/Plugsins/Eyecandy 5 Textures/Marble.
Use these settings:
Basic: Veiny
Bedrock color: 000000
Vein Color: c00000
Feature size: 115.20
Vein Thickness: 30
Coverage: 40
Roughness: 70
Grain: 15
Random Seed: (you can choose)
Hit ok.
Go to Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance
Repeat this step with the Copy of Raster 1.
Highlight Raster 2.
Repeat the above steps accept switch the bedrock and vein colors in Eyecandy 5 Textures/Marble. Don’t forget to apply effects/edge effects/enhance.
Highlight Raster 4. Select all/Float/Defloat. Copy and paste Paper 11 as a new layer. Resize 60%. Select/invert. Hit the delete key. Delete Raster 4.
Copy and Paste Feathered Heart. Resize 25%. Adjust/sharpness/sharpen. Effect/edge effect/enhance. Duplicate this layer 2 more times for a total of 3 layers. Rename each of the layers (Feathered Heart 1, Feathered Heart 2, Feathered Heart 3) Highlight Feathered Heart 1 and apply Xenofex 2 Constellation:
Star Size: 2.00
Star Variation: 3
Edge Star Density: 4
Overall Star Denisty 0
Overdrive: 100
Twinkle Amount: 37
Twinkle Rotation: 46
Random Seed 1000
Press ok.
Close the layer out and open Feathered Heart 2. Apply the constellation again accept be sure to press the random seed button then okay. Repeat with Feathered Heart 3. Keep open Feathered Heart layer 1, close the other 2.
Copy and Paste Flowers 1 and 2, resizing both 25%. Duplicate Flower 1 and arrange the flowers in the bottom left corner of the frame. See my rag for reference. Merge visible the 3 flowers for a form cluster. Duplicate/mirror/flip. Merge visible the two layers of cluster flowers. Duplicate twice for a total of 3 layers. Rename them Flowers 1, Flowers 2, Flowers 3. Use your Freehand Selection Tool and outline leaves of your choice. Once you’re satisfied be sure you’re on Flowers 1 layer. Effects/Plugins/DSB Flux/Bright Noise and apply as follows:
Intensity 35
Highlight Flowers 2 layer and apply the same plugin accept click on the Mix button twice. Highlight Flowers 3 layer. This time click the mix button three times. Close flower layers 2 & 3, keep the first open.
Copy and Paste butterflies of your choice. Resize by 20% and move into position of your liking.
Add any word art you choose. I found drop shadowing with red instead of black made a nice touch.
Add all your credit.
Add your name. Again, I found drop shadowing with red made a nice touch. But that’s me…lol
Resize your tag if you like (being sure to resize all layers)
Onto the animation – almost done!
Copy merged. Open up Animation Shop.Go to Edit/Paste as New Animation
Go back into PSP. Close out Flowers Layer 1 and open up Flower Layer 2. Close out Feathered Heart 1 and open up Feathered Heart 2. Copy merged.
Go back into animation shop. Go to Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.
Go back in PSP. Close out Flower Layer 2 and open up Flower Layer 3. Close out Feathered Heart 2 and open up Feathered Heart 3. Copy merged.
Go back into animation shop. Go to Edit/Paste/After Current Frame. Click the little icon at the top to view your animated tag in motion. (If you don’t know where it is, move your mouse very slowly across all the icons, it’ll say View Animation). If you’re satisfied then save your tag.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
I’d really enjoy seeing what you come up with so Email me!

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