Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beauty in Numbers

Supplies Needed

5 Tubes of choice - I'm using the artwork of Keith Garvey
which you can purchase hereFont of choice - I'm using Burton’s Nightmare here
Toadies – Ommadawn
Xero - Porcelain
"Aged" PTU taggers kit by Cinnamon Scraps which can be found here. Please visit her blog here for the freebies.

This tutorial was written assuming you have knowledge of PSP.

~♥~ Let’s get started ~♥~

Open a 750 X 600 transparent canvas. Flood fill white.

Copy Frame 6 as a new layer. Use the Freehand Tool to outline around all the frames.
Copy a paper of choice as a new layer beneath the frame layer. Select/invert. Hit the delete key. Keep selected.

Add your 4 tubes, each as a new layer beneath the frame layer and hitting the delete key after positioning them. Deselect. Use the eraser tool to erase any parts of tubes that may be overlapping other tubes. Close out the white canvas layer and merge visible.

Copy and Paste flowers of choice, resizing, and positioning them as you like.

Copy and paste Aged Keys as a new layer. Resize 50% and position.

Copy and paste Doodle of choice beneath the merged frame layer. Resize 80%. Position. Layer/duplicate. Image/mirror. Use your eraser tool to erase the part of the doodle that overlaps in the middle above the frame.

Close out your white canvas. Merge visible. Duplicate. Highlight the merged layer. Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur. Radius 20.

Effects/PlugIns/Toadies/Ommadawn.Default Settings.

Highlight Copy of Merged Layer and Apply Xero/Porcelain as follows:
Softness – 50
Strength – 128
Brightness – 128
Red, Green, & blue Channels all 0

Apply your tube and center/position in front of the frame.

Add your copyrights.

Add your name.
Crop your image and your tag is done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Would love to see your results.
Email me:)


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