Monday, October 23, 2017

Witches Magic

Supplies Needed

Font of choice – I used Witches Magic here

Vix mask 451 here

PlugIns used:
Greg’s Factory Output Vol II – Pool Shadow
Xenofex 2: Lightning
Eyecandy 5: Impact – Glass

Animation Shop

“Running Scared” is a tagger size scrap kit created by me, Bev of HorsePlay’s Pasture Designs and can be purchased from Digital Art Heaven here.  You can visit my blog here
This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP. 

~~ Let’s get started ~~

Open up a 700 x 700 blankcanvas.
Flood fill white.

Copy and paste el6 as a new layer.
Resize 20%
Use your Magic Wand and click inside each of the center windows.
Selections/Modify/Expand by 4.
New Raster layer below the window.
Copy and paste Paper 17 Into Selection.
Apply Greg’s Factory Output Vol. II – Pool Shadow:
Use Default settings.
Deselect for now.

We’re going to copy and paste the following elements below the window – don’t worry about what overhangs the window.  We’ll clean that up in a bit:
El73:  Resize 60%
El21:  Duplicate (you can move these trees into better position after you add the other elements)
El33:  Resize 20%/Duplicate 3x’s
El32:  Resize 35%
El23:  Resize 20%
El28:  Resize 25%
El53:  Resize 30%

Once you have all elements exactly where you want them highlight the paper layer.
Click anywhere outside of it with your Magic Wand.
Highlight each element that overhangs the window and tap the delete key.

Duplicate the paper layer 3 times for a total of 4 paper layers.
Starting with the paper at the top, rename each one of them Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, and Paper 4.
Close Paper 1 layer.
Highlight Paper 2 layer.
Apply Xenofex – Lightning –
Use Default Settings:

Close Paper 2 layer out. 
Highlight Paper 3 layer.
Apply the same Lightning effect accept his the random seed button once.

Close Paper 3 layer out.
Highlight Paper 4.
Repeat the above step.
Close Paper 4 layer.
Reopen all paper layers.

New Raster layer just below the window element.
Apply Eyecandy 5: Impact – Glass -
Match your settings to mine –

Add the rest of your elements.  I used:
El 10:  Resize 20%
El16:  Resize 10%/Mirror
El47:  Resize 45%/Mirror
El43:  Resize 30%
El 75:  Resize 65%
El 38:  Resize 30%/Duplicate/Mirror
El 64:  Resize 60%
El 54:  Resize 75%
El 36:  Resize 70%
El 25:  Resize 50%
El 38:  Resize 35%/Duplicate/Resize 70%
El 62:  Resize 70%
Highlight your white background.
New Raster layer.
Select All.
Copy and paste Paper 15 Into Selection.
New Raster layer.
Copy and paste Paper 17 Into Selection.
To each paper Apply the mask.
Merge Group.

Copy and paste el41:  Resize 50%
Change the Properties to Soft Light.

Color Pallet:
Foreground: #000000
Background: Close it out.

Make your Ellipse Tool active set on circle.
Create a circle the width of your mask.

Color Pallet:
Open up your background color and make it #58ce52

Make your Text Tool active.
Set the stroke to 1.00
Move your cursor along the top center of the circle you created.
When you see a Rocking A click the mouse.
In the Text Box that appears type your name, kit the space key on your keyboard 3 times, and then type Witches Magic, hit the space key 3 times.
Highlight all your words and the 3 spaces at the end.
Press Ctl + V and all the words and spaces should appear again.
Keep doing that until you have a complete circle of words.
TIP:  If you have an unusual space gap in the circle of words then tap the letter K on your keyboard to active the Pick Tool.  Turn the circle so that elements hide the gap.
Click the + sign in your layers pallet.
Click the eye of the New Ellipse layer.
Right Click on Vector 1 layer.
Choose Convert to Raster layer.
Give it a slight Inner Bevel:

Add your copyrights.


~Time to Animate~

Carry Into Animation Shop.
Edit/Paste as New Animation.

Back in PSP.
Close out Paper 1 layer.
Copy Merge.

Carry Into AS.
Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.

Back in PSP.
Close out Paper 2 layer.
Copy Merge

Carry Into AS.
Edit/Paste/ After Current Frame.

Back in PSP.
Close out Paper 2 layer.
Copy Merge.

Carry Into AS.
Edit/Paste/After current Frame.

Back in PSP.
Close out Paper 3 layer.
Copy Merge

Carry into AS.
Edit/Paste/After current Frame.

Highlight Frame 1.
Animation/Frame Properties.
Change Display time to 240.

Click on Frame 2.
Hold down the Ctrl key and click on Frames 3 and 4.
Now Frames 2, 3, and should all be highlighted.
Animation/Frame Properties.
Change the Display time to 30.

View your animation. 
If you’re happy then save.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.   
I’d love to see your results.
Email me!