Sunday, January 26, 2014

Love at First Sight


1 tube of choice - I used the wonderful artwork of Mitzi Sato-Wiuff which can be purchased from PSP Tube Stop.  Because this kit was created just for this tube you can get a great package deal (tube and kit) at a great price!  You must have a license to use.

Font of choice - I used Dinosaur Jr. here

Trese Mask 29 here

Plug Ins used:
Mura's Meister - Copies

"Love at First Sight" is a tagger size scrap kit created by me (HorsePlay's Pasture Designs) and can be purchased at any of my stores here

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.

~♥~ Let's get started ~♥~

Open up a 700 x 700 blank canvas.
Flood fill white.

Copy and paste El 11 as a new layer.
Resize 75%
Use your Magic Wand and click inside of it.
Selections/Modify/Expand by 2.
New Raster layer below the frame.
Copy and paste Paper 14 Into Selection.
New Raster layer.
Copy and paste Paper 10 Into Selection and change the Properties to Hue

Close out your white background.
Merge Visible.
Reopen your white background.

Copy and paste EL80 as a new layer.
Resize 85%
Move this element and the merged layer into their exact positions - see my tag for reference.
Highlight the heart element.
Click inside of it with your Magic Wand.
Selections/Modify/Expand by 2.
New Raster layer below the frame.
Copy and paste Paper 10 Into Selection.
Deselect for now.

Add the following elements below the heart frame.  Don't worry about what overhangs the frame.  We'll clean that up in a bit.
El 47
El71:  Resize 25%
El 67:  Resize 50%/Duplicate/Mirror/Resize 70%/Duplicate/Mirror/Resize 70%

After all elements are moved into position - 
Highlight the paper layer.
Click anywhere outside of it with your Magic Wand.
Highlight each element that overhangs the frame and tap the delete key.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. See my tag for placement.
If you're using the same tube as I did, Resize 80%

Copy and paste El45 as a new layer.
Resize 10%
Apply Mura's Meister - Copies:
Choose Encircle
Change the Top 3 numbers to:
Number: 25
Shift X: 35
Shift Y: 35
Duplicate the bead ring and move both of them into position - see my tag for reference.

Add the rest of your elements.  I used:
El 65:  Mirror
El 32:  Resize 40%/Duplicate
El 31:  Resize 35%/Duplicate 2x's
El 14:  REsize 50%
El 52;  Resize 40%
El 17:  REsize 40%
El 2:  Resize 30%/Mirror
El 1:  Resize 25%
El 58:  Resize 45%/Duplicate/Free rotate Right 20 degrees.

Crop your image leaving an even amount of room on the top and bottom.

Highlight your blank canvas.
New Raster layer.
Select All.
Copy and paste Paper 19 Into Selection.
Apply the mask.
Merge Group.

Add your copyrights.

Add your name:
Color Pallet:
Foreground: #403b2b
Background: #c39466
Make your text tool active and set the stroke to 0.8

Type your name but leave each letter of it on its own layer.
Choose a couple of the letters and resize them 80%
To each letter apply a slight Inner Bevel:

Arrange the letters however you like - Tip: Move the resized letters behind the larger letters.
Once all the letters are in position then merge visible all the letters of your name.

Copy and paste EL 73 as a new layer.
Resize as you like and place on your name.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it for you.
I'd really love to see your results.
Email me!


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