Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn forum Banner Set


1 tube of choice - I used the wonderful artwork of VeryMany which can be purchased from Pics For Design.  You must have a license to use.

Font of choice - I used Inspiration here

Insatiable Dreams Mask 83 here

Plug Ins used:
AAA Frames - Photo Frames

"Autumn Sunset" is a tagger size scrap kit created by Julie of Bits n Bobs and can be purchased here.  Thank you Julie for a fabulous kit!

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.

~♥~ Let's get started ~♥~

Open up a blank 550 x 200 canvas.

Copy and paste Paper 3 as a new layer. 
Position the lower right corner of the paper over the blank canvas.

New Raster layer.
Select All.
Copy and paste Paper 12 Into Selection.
Apply the mask.
Make your Pick Tool active and pull the top up and bottom down.
Merge Group.
Change the Properties to Multiply.
Lower the Opacity to about 55.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.  
If you're using the same as I did, Resize 40%.
Change the Properties of the tube to Soft Light.
Move it over to the right side - see my tag for reference.
Do Not give either tube a drop shadow yet.

Be sure the tube on the left is highlighted in your layers pallet.
Make your Magic Wand active.  Use the default settings but change the Feather number to 8.
Click it on the right side of your canvas.
Highlght the mask layer.
Tap the delete key.
Give each of your tube layers a drop shadow.
Duplicate the tube on the left.

Copy and paste AS40 as a new layer.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, Resize 45%.
See my tag for placement of both.
Give both a drop shadow.

Merge Flatten.

Image/Add Borders:
Color: #210c01
Symmetric checked
Left, Top, Right, and Bottom: 25

Make your Magic Wand active.
Set the feather number back to 0.
Click on the dark border area with your Magic Wand.
New Raster layer.
Paste your Image Into Selection.
Apply AAA Frames - Photo Frames:
Use Default settings.
Change the Properties to Multiply.
Merge Down.
You should now have just a background image and your frame in your layers pallet.

Highlght the frame layer.
Click inside of it with your mouse.
Selections/Modify/Expand by 2.
New Raster layer.
Flood fill with #bf5500
Selections/Modify/Contract by 6.
Tap the delete key.

Effects/Text Effects/Blinds:
Width: 3
Opacity: 38
Color: #491d00
Light From Left/Top checked
Give it a slight Inner Bevel:

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Resize the same as you did before.
Match it up exactly over the tube on your background image.
Give it a slight drop shadow.

Highlght the background layer.
Effects/Illumination Effects/Sunburst:
Match your settings to mine -

Add your elements.  I used:
AS34:  Resize 10%/Duplicate 5x's
AS21:  Resize 30%/Free roate Left 30 degrees

Add your Copyright.

Add your name.
Foreground: #1a0a01
Background: #e2a736
Stroke: .75

Type your name.
Give it a slight Inner Bevel 3x's -
Use same settings as before

Merge Flatten.


To make the Avatar:

Open up a 125 x 125 blank canvas.
Paste your banner as a new layer.
Move it into a position you like - see my avatar for reference.
New Raster layer.
Flood fill with your Foreground color.
Select All.
Selections/Modify/Contract by 2.
Tap the delete key.

Type the first letter of your name.
Give it a drop shadow.
Give it a slight Inner Bevel 3x's.

Add your copyright.
I used Gothic Pr6n EL that came with my program.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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