Monday, August 12, 2013

Lavendar Fantasy

 Supplies Needed  

1 tube of choice – I used the beautiful artwork of Renee Lavoie which can be purchased from PSP Tube Stop.  You must have a license to use.  For a savings the tube and kit can be purchased together! 

Font of choice – I used Wretched here

Weescotlass Mask 219 here

"Pastels & Pearls" is a tagger size scrap kit created by me, Bev of HorsePlay's Pasture Designs and can be purchased exclusively from PSP Tube Stop.  You can visit my designing blog here.

~♥~ Let’s get started ~♥~

Open up a 700 x 700 blank canvas.
Flood fill white.

Copy and paste El 36 as a new layer.
Resize 80%
Click inside of it with your Magic Wand.
Selections/Modify/Expand by 4.
New Raster layer below the frame.
Copy and paste Paper 13 Into Selection.
Copy and paste 13 as a new layer below the frame.
Resize 50%
Move into position - see my tag for reference.
Tap the delete key.
Copy and paste El 10 as a new layer.
Resize 50%
Move into position behind the hourglass - see my tag for reference.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Move into position - see my tag for reference.

Copy and paste El 16 as a new layer.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Move it below the bubble layer and resize your tube so that it looks nice inside the bubble.
Highlight the bubble layer.
Click anywhere outside of it with your Magic Wand.
Selections/Modify/Inside Outside Feather:
Both checked
Feather amount 10%
Tap your delete key a few times.
Lower the Opacity of the tube to about 32.
Merge Visible the bubble and tube layer.
Duplicate/Resize 70%
Position the smaller bubble below the frame - see my tag for reference.

New Raster layer at the top of our layers pallet.
Make your Selection Tool active set on Rectangle.
Make a rectangle approximately 290 x 500 pixels.
Copy and paste Paper 14 Into Selection.
Give the paper layer a slight Inner Bevel:

Duplicate the paper layer.
Move both papers into position - see my tag for reference.

Add your elements.  I used:
El 60:  Resize 50%/Duplicate
El 59:  Resize 40%/Duplicate
El 17:  Resize 65%
El 15:  Resize 85%
El 48
El 55:  Free rotate Left 90 degrees/Duplicate
El 52:  REsize 50%
El 49
El 11:  Resize 50%/Free rotate Right 30 degrees
El 2:  Resize 60%/Duplicate

Highlight your white background.
New Raster layer.
Select All
Copy and paste Paper 8 Into Selection.
Apply the mask.
Resize 110%
Use your Pick Tool and pull the sides out a little.
Merge Group.

Add your copyright.

Add your name:
To make your name curve with the ribbon:

Color Pallet:  
Foreground: #000000
Background: Null

Make your Pen Tool active set on Draw Freehand
Create on Vector checked
Line Style: Solid
Width: 2.00

Draw a line along the bottom of the ribbon:

Color Pallet: 
Foreground & Background: #efefef

Move your mouse along the line you drew at the center until you see a rocking A then click your mouse.
Type your name.
In your layers pallet click on the + sign.
Click on the eye of the New Path layer.
Right Click your mouse on Vector 1 layer.
Convert to Raster layer.
Duplicate your name layer.

Color Pallet:
Foreground: #efefef
Background: #c99bd3

Make your Color Replacer Tool active
Double Right click on your name.
It should have turned purple.
Move this layer slightly to the right.
In your layers pallet move beneath your white name layer.
Merge Visible both name layers.

Resize all layers 80%.

I’d love to see your results.
Email me!

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