Monday, June 11, 2012



Font of choice - I used Before the Rain here

Weescotlass Mask 362 here

My template 8 here

Plug Ins used:
Eyecandy 3.1 – Glow

“Over the Hill” is a tagger size scrap kit (also available in full size) created by Lou of Designz by Lou and is part of the TKO Birthday Collaboration and can be purchased from TKO Scraps.  You can visit Lou’s blog here.

This tutorial was written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.

~~ Lets get started ~~

Open up the template.
Shift + D.
Close out the original.
Delete the credit layer.
Image/Canvas Size:
700 x 600
Highlight the background layer.
Flood fill white.

Highlight Rectangle Back layer.
Click on it with your Magic Wand.
New Raster layer.
Copy and paste Paper 2 Into Selection.
Apply Eyecandy 3.1 – Glow:
Width: 3
Opacity: 100%
Opacity Drop Off: Fat
Color: White
Delete the template layer.

Color Pallet:
Foreground: #808080
Background: #c0c0c0
Set the foreground to gradient:
Angle: 45
RepeatL: 1
Invert unchecked

Highlight Center Rectangle.
Click on it with your Magic Wand.
New Raster layer.
Flood fill with the gradient.
Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur:
Radius: 10
Highlight the original gradient layer.
Apply Eyecandy 3.1 – Glow:
Use same settings.
Delete the template layer.

Repeat the above step with Left and Right Rectangles accept don’t delete the template layers yet.

Copy and paste a poser from the kit of your choice.
Resize 25%
Center it in front of the middle rectangle.
Duplicate 2 times.
Position each of the duplicated posers in front of each of the left and right rectangles.
Move them just above the rectangles in your layers pallet.

Highlight Left Rectangle template layer.
Click anywhere outside of it with your Magic Wand.
Highlight the poser that’s above the gradient layer.
Tap the delete key.
Change the Properties to Overlay.
Lower the Opacity to about 36
Delete the template layer.

Repeat the above step with Right Rectangle layer.

Add your elements.  I used:
Bottle 2:  Resize 10%
Balloons:  Use your Freehand Selection tool and section around a balloon of your choice.  Center and Right balloons:  Resize  15%

Highlight your white background.
New Raster layer.
Select All.
Copy and paste Paper 5 Into Selection.
Apply the mask.
Merge Group.

Add your credits.

Add your name.
Apply the same glow effect.

Resize all layers 80%.

I’d love to see your results.
Email me!

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