Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daisy Days

Supplies Needed

Tube of choice - I'm using the artwork of Dean Yeagle
which you can purchase from CILM here
Font of choice - I'm using Bonheur Royale
Mask of your choice
Scrap kit of choice, I am using "Pushing Daisies" by Rebel Chick and you can download the beautiful scrap kit from her blog here where you can view more of her gorgeous work and other scrap collections as well.
Thanks Reb! You know I admire your awesome talent!

This tutorial was written assuming you have knowledge of PSP.

~♥~ Let’s get started ~♥~
Open a 550 X 500 transparent canvas. Flood fill white.
Add a new layer. Select All. Copy paper 16. Paste into Selection. Deselect.
Apply your mask of choice. Merge group.

Copy and paste Frame 1 as a new layer. Resize 50%.
Use your magic wand and click inside each frame.
Select/Modify/Expand by 4

Copy and paste Paper 17 as a new layer. Select/Invert hit the delete key. Keep selected.

Copy and paste a tube of your choice into one of the frames. Hit the delete key. Repeat with another tube in the other frame. Select none. Drop shadow the frame. Merge visible the frame, tubes, and background for the frames. Move the merged frame layer up a bit on the canvas.

Copy and paste a tube of your choice, resizing if necessary. Position it just below the frame.

Copy and paste Fence 6 as a new layer. Resize 50% and move to the bottom right of your canvas. Layer/duplicate, image/mirror. Move the duplicated layer to try to make a good blend with the other fence layer. Once satisfied use your eraser tool and erase all that overlaps. Merge down. Add drop shadow. Resize 85%.

Copy and paste Grass 3 as a new layer. Image/resize 40%. Layer/duplicate, Image/mirror. Move it beside the other grass blades. Merge down, drop shadow, duplicate layer, image/mirror.

Copy and paste grass 3 again as a new layer. Image/resize 25%. Move to middle of the fence. Layer/duplicate, image/mirror. Copy and paste grass 2 as a new layer. Resize 20% and place in the middle.

Copy and paste flowers 9 and 10, resizing and arrange amongst the grass. See my tag for reference.

Copy and pate Bird 3 as a new layer. Resize 25%.
Perch the little guy atop of the frame J

Copy and paste Bow 5 as a new layer on the frame. Resize 35%.
Layer/duplicate, image/mirror.

Add word art of your choice or copy mine using Bonheur Royale font in a complimentary color for your tag. Add a slight drop shadow. Move to top left of your canvas above the frame.

Add all your credits.

Add your name and your tag is done.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Feel free to Email me your results. Would love to see what you came up with.

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